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Delivering bikes since 2012


To become a reference organisation in the development of solidarity and innovative projects focused on the bicycle.

We work with the commitment to develop self-managed and lasting projects, where bicycles are means of individual and collective development.


Improve the quality of life of people living in less privileged situations by using bicycles as a tool for integration, equal opportunities and increased social mobility.


Co-responsibility, transparency, commitment and social integrity as well as a commitment to equal human conditions.

We believe in the adaptability of people to achieve individual and collective progress, efficiency and effort to achieve goals, and the humanity and fellowship of the human being.

A little history

Bicicletas sin Fronteras was born in 2012 in Alt Empordà (Girona), as an association focused on solidarity and cooperation through bicycles. After some local initiatives, in 2013, we changed our legal status and joined forces with the Utopia Foundation and the Girona Educational Platform Foundation. The union of the three entities is now called Utopia Foundation - Bicycles without Borders.

Since our creation we have been carrying out actions aimed at the social integration of the most disadvantaged people through bicycles. At a national level, we have developed projects such as A bicycle for your neighbor and other actions aimed at providing bicycles to entities that work with people at risk of social exclusion (Bicycles for integration project). Internationally, we have delivered bicycles to countries such as Honduras, Burkina Faso or India, where we have collaborated closely for several years with the Vicente Ferrer Foundation and its project Bicis que camban lives.

In 2015 we started the implementation of the Bicycles for Education project in Senegal, which aims to deliver bicycles to high school students in the country, in order to facilitate their access to school and their daily commuting in class. This project is joined by the Bicycles for Development project, which supports rural communities in the area.

In 2019, with Moma Bikes and Tannus Tires, we have designed our own bicycle for the educational project in Senegal: the baobike. Since 2020, all bicycles delivered in Senegal for the Bicycles for Education project are baobikes.


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These are the foundations and organizations with which we work daily:

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