The baobike

After several years dedicating a good part of our energy to obtaining bicycle donations, in 2019 we decided to take a step forward: create our own bicycle and ride it in Senegal.  


Together with Momabikes  and Tannus  we have made this step a reality and created the baobike , the bicycle for education . Thanks to it, students have a strong and durable means of transport, with reduced maintenance costs and our goal closer.

Specially designed for the conditions of Senegal's roads and so that students of all ages can drive them without problems.

It is a simple and robust bicycle, with anti-puncture tires.

And to close the circle and make the project make sense in 360º,  built the Abrica F bike in Palmarin and how do we boys and girls in the area so they can work in assembling bicycles. In this way we are creating jobs in the area and a greater involvement of local communities in the project.

Baobike tannus.jpeg

The baobike is the bicycle for education.

A bicycle changes the life of the person who receives it.
Reduces the time and energy spent on
mobility, it is sustainable, it is freedom.