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The baobike

After several years dedicating a good amount of our energy to finding bicycle donations, in 2019, we decided to take a step forward: create our own bicycle and assemble it in Senegal.  


With the assistance of Momabikes  and Tannus, we have made this step a reality, and created the baobike: the bicycle for education. Through its use, pupils have a strong and durable means of transport, of which maintenance costs are reduced and which helps us achieve our goal.

​Baobikes are specially designed for the conditions of the roads in Senegal and so that boys and girls of all ages can use them without problems. 

They are simple and sturdy bikes, with puncture-proof tires.

Finally, to complete the circle, we built the Bicycle Factory in Palmarin, and we train young people coming from the area so they can work by assembling bicycles. Thereby, we are creating jobs in the area and a greater involvement of local communities in the project.

Baobike tannus.jpeg

The baobike is the bicycle for education.

A bicycle changes the life of the person who receives it.
It reduces the time and the energy spent on
mobility; it is sustainable; it embodies freedom.

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