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They have received bikes, and they tell us about their experience.



Former student at the Lycée Palmarin-Facao

"When the Bicycles for Education project started in Palmarin, I was able to ride to high school, saving time to focus on my studies. Now I am at the University of Dakar, studying German."


Bicycle Receiver

"You cannot change your life every day when life is against you: a disability, an unfavorable social and economic environment, the lack of job opportunities ... But, sometimes, a change appears: a course, a job. However, without means of transportation, it is impossible. Thanks to you, a person in a precarious situation has gotten that opportunity and can finally attend that course, and from there, find a job a job, which is no small thing."

receptor BxI 1.jpg


User of the Surt Foundation

"Hello, I am Brisa and I am grateful that I received this bike. I have not ridden one for many years, but I really want to learn to ride again. I am sure it will be a very pleasant way to move around Montcada and Reixac where I live now. Going to the institute will only take 10 minutes, and I will know the streets of the city better. "

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